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Clos Clares

The story of clos Clare is quickly growing into what will be one of the great wine stories of the Clare Valley. It began in 1986 when the Barry family purchased the Florita vineyard from the then owners, Leo Buring. This vineyard produced, for many years, the great wines of Leonay and Richmond Grove.
Warilto, the homestead on the property, was sub-divided and offered as a custodianship to artist and building conservator, Ian Saunders. A small 5-acre parcel of the vineyard was included in the sub-division and clos Clare was born.

21 years later the land was ppurchased once again by Peter and Sue Barry in 2007 along with this boutique  brand run by their sons Sam andd Tom.

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compass310 Horrocks Hwy, Clare SA 5453

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